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hammer of justiceVivian Obiamalu, Esq. is a provider of legal services, consultation and representation. We are currently based in California and New York and we welcome the opportunity to handle cases for clients all over the state. As a Legal Service Provider in California and New York with a rich background and experience in Commercial/Business Law, Health Care Compliance, Probate, Personal Injury, White Collar Crimes, Cyber Security, AI, and Special Education, Vivian Obiamalu, Esq. makes sure that you are under maximum care and protection. Your rights matter to us and preserving those rights is our foremost goal.

We are highly dependable, ensuring confidence and security, as you seek help for the cases you face or those you want to file. We will review your case thoroughly and will inform you of your legal options so that you can make informed decisions.

Call our CA office at 949-424-2209, and NY office at 914-432-4632 or set an appointment for a case review.